Unleashed Women & The Hunger Project

Unleashed Women



Unleashed Women is the first women’s movement in the UK that actively works to eradicate global chronic hunger by 2030. The campaign is for women who want to take a stand for women’s rights across the world and support their development financially. In return, not only will these supporters contribute to ending global hunger, but they will also have access to a wider network of like-minded women. Supporters have access to bespoke networking events and challenges, and there is also an exclusive Facebook group. In 2017, there will be a London networking event in July, a ‘tough mudder’ challenge in September and a gala at EY in November.

The Hunger Project is one of the world’s foremost agencies involved in developing community-led leadership to end chronic hunger and extreme poverty. Through our programmes, rural women are gaining access to credit and attending training in literacy, nutrition and skills building.


Virgin Money

Virgin money

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HM Treasury – Women in Finance Charter

Women in Finance CharterIn 2015 the government asked Jayne-Anne Gadhia, CEO of Virgin Money, to lead a review into the representation of women in senior managerial roles in financial services. Financial services is the highest paid sector in the UK economy, where the gender salary gap for full-time employees is at its most stark. Jayne-Anne’s review looked at the issue of unequal gender representation in the financial services sector that worsens as employees rise into more senior positions. The review, ‘Empowering Productivity: Harnessing the talents of women in financial services’ was published on 22 March 2016, and makes four recommendations to industry to improve gender diversity in financial services, which received widespread support from the sector.

In response, we launched the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter which asks firms to commit to implement these recommendations. In March 2018 the government announced that 205 firms across the financial services sector have signed the Charter. Firms of all shapes and sizes have signed up, with headquarters in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. The progress made by the first cohort of signatory firms in their first year has now been featured in the Women in Finance Charter Annual Review, which was published in March. The gender diversity targets for signatory firms can be found on their individual websites – details can be found on the website.

Angel Academe

Angel AcademeAngel Academe makes angel investing easy, rewarding and fun for women. We’re an award-winning angel network helping more women (and men) enjoy the benefits of angel investing and, at the same time, helping the best UK tech startups access the capital and “smarts” women bring. We believe that diverse investor and startup teams make better decisions, are more capital efficient and give better return on investment. Our goal is to have increased the proportion of women angel investors from a very measly 14% to 30% or more by 2020.

London Stock Exchange Group

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) is a leading diversified exchange group sitting at the heart of the world’s financial community. The Group provides valuable services for a wide range of customers focusing on Capital Formation, Risk and Balance Sheet Management and Intellectual Property.  LSEG operates a unique ‘open access’ model, offering its customers partnership and choice across businesses that include London Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana, FTSE Russell, global clearing house LCH and technology specialist MillenniumIT. Headquartered in London with significant operations in North America, Italy, France and Sri Lanka, the Group employs around 4,000 people


London Women's Forum

London Women’s Forum (LWF) is a selective organisation for senior women working within the financial services industry in London.

Sponsored by some of the world’s largest financial and professional services firms, the Sponsor Firms, London Women’s Forum is led by senior women for senior women. As a result, we are uniquely placed to provide the support, pathways to professional and personal development and networking opportunities that our Members require.

Founded in 2004 (as City Women’s Club), London Women’s Forum is an exclusive destination for female Managing Directors, Partners and Executive Directors. It offers a nurturing environment that goes beyond the traditional networking activities of other organisations.

The Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association (PIMFA)

PIMFAThe Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association (PIMFA) is the trade association for firms that provide investment management and financial advice to help individuals and families plan for their financial life journeys.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an optimal operating environment so that our member firms can focus on delivering the best service to clients, providing responsible stewardship for their long-term savings and investments.

What We Do

  • Represent the diverse range of firms in the investment and financial advice industry with a unified voice
  • Be the undisputed industry thought leader, consolidating our extensive technical insights and expertise in research and policy work
  • Lead the debate on policy and regulatory recommendations to ensure an optimal operating environment for firms and clients, maintaining the UK’s position as a leading global centre of excellence
  • Through our advocacy work, we promote the industry as a key catalyst to develop a culture of savings and investment in the UK
  • Promote a greater understanding of the sector and its role as a beneficial force in transforming the way people save and invest for the future
  • Facilitate dialogue across industry stakeholders, while developing best-practice guidance


savvywomanSavvyWoman is a money website aimed at helping women everywhere become a little richer. It’s the brainchild of Sarah Pennells, who is a well known personal finance journalist and broadcaster. SavvyWoman has been named as 5th in ‘The Times’ newspaper list of ‘50 top websites to save you money’. Sarah Pennells realised early on that women make different choices about money. Women tend to retire on less than men, feel less confident about taking risks with their money than men, worry more about their debts (and often have debts that charge a higher rate of interest) than men. She also realised that a lot of the widely available financial information was written with men in mind, which is why Savvywoman is different.

Voice at the Table

Voice At The Table is a diversity and inclusion consultancy with the core aim of providing companies and their workforce with the tools to progress and contribute authentically and improving the representation of women at all levels. The consultancy takes a two-pronged approach: it aims to transform corporate culture in order to facilitate women’s particular talents, to uncover the potential to deliver a stronger business with more women in leadership; and to change the model of leadership to a more collaborative style with emphasis on emotional intelligence for leaders and to promote an adaptable working environment for both women and men.

Women in the city

Women in the cityFounded in 2003, Women in the City is a dynamic, highly respected, award-winning organisation that promotes, recognises and rewards female talent. Women in the City works to empower, inspire and motivate professional businesswomen; acknowledge their success to date; celebrate their leadership skills; increase each woman’s impact and visibility in her organisation and sector and more.

30% Club

The 30% Club is a global campaign that signs up Chairs and CEOs to take action to create a better balance of men and women at all levels of their organisations as a business imperative rather than a ‘women’s issue’.The Club launched in the UK in 2010 with a target of a minimum of 30% women on FTSE 100 boards by 2015. The proportion of female FTSE 100 directors has risen from 12.5% to 27%. As of 2016 the scope of the original target was extended and the goal is now a minimum of 30% women on FTSE 350 boards by the end of 2020. The Club is now also firmly focused on driving change at senior management level and throughout the pipelines of organisations and has introduced a new target of 30% women at senior management level of FTSE 100 companies by 2020.